boracay nightlife

Boracay nightlife beaches, sea, sand, palm trees showing of the best beaches in the world. Any kind of change in the last few years with the elite restaurants offering international cuisine, lively nightlife and accommodation to suit every budget with all the facilities attracts more and more tourists.

White Beach consists of three parts. Station1, station 2 and station 3. We stayed our hotel station 2 are also included. This region is called d’mall, shopping center, restaurant and bar, with a lot of moving parts. Station 1 is a very quiet environment full of five star hotels. Station 3 is the more affordable hotels. Also, in this region currency exchange.

Nigi Nigi located in Station 3 in the afternoon, and a scrumptious icetea’si long island, Gilly’s island at night, right next to the dj scene and a lot of Russians went to the bar every night. Here mojito drinks, famous for the superb and shoot Cocomangas counted as dance venues.

Cocomangas 15 shoot’lık menu to drink, increase the country’s score 1 point. You can get one t-shirt as a gift.Panado hanging by far, was written in the country in which many people drink.  Nine of thousands of Turks in order starting with 12 people currently taking place at the bottom. We very much wanted to score, but did not get one in our country. Summer Place in the station remains open until 2 in the morning, this piece every 3 bars on Thursday nights filled with those who played a Turkish popular destination.

Kasbah Boracay Restaurant /Bar
With spectacular sunset views of the Kasbah restaurant, offers a unique regional flavors. Refreshing fragrance of exotic Kasbah, famous musicians, famous for live music and entertainments.

Baling Hai
Baling hai, inspired by international cuisine enriched the kitchen. And South East Asian dishes are served Filipino dishes. Spicy curries, seafood, meat and barbecue recommended.

Cocomangas Shooter Bar Franchise
Specially designed for entertainment Cocomangas Shooter Bar is decorated in a modern way. All kinds of party, birthday party, etc.. hosts, such as your fun. You can find many kinds of drinks Cocomangas’ta serving with the famous DJs. Yummy appetizers.

Pats Creek Bar
Covering a large area for the dance floor with excellent service and comfortable furniture Pats Creek Bar have the right to have fun. Celebrity DJs Pats Creek Bar where you can drink a lot of variety.

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