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Tenerife comes alive at night, particularly in the south of the island where nightlife is very popular. Most of the famous nightclubs are found in Playa de las Americas and Veronicas.

A typical night out in Tenerife starts by going to a pub or bar and enjoying a few drinks during the Happy Hour and then moving on to a nightclub. However, most clubs are pretty much dead until after midnight.

Tenerife Travel Guide | Restaurants in Tenerife

Busby’s Nightclub
Veronicas, Playa de las Americas

Enjoy a wild nightlife party at Busby’s nightclub in Tenerife. This is a popular club which plays great music and dance tunes.

Goodfellas Bar
Las Vistas Beach, San Telmo, Los Cristianos

Goodfellas is a beach front bar where you can have a few pre-club drinks and admire the view.

Linekers Bar
CC Starco, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife


This Tenerife bar has a buzz. It has 26 screens and shows coverage of all live sporting events. This is a great place to have a few drinks, a laugh and relax.

Matrix Club
Av Ernesto Sarni, Playa de las Americas

Matrix Club in Tenerife is renowned as one of the most exclusive nightlife experiences on the island. Entrance is free and you can enjoy a drink at the bar and watch the pole dancers.

Patch Bar
Avenida Rafael Puig Lluviana S/N, Arona, Tenerife

Take a wander around this area as this is where you will find lots of bars, restaurants and nightlife venues.

Rags Bar and Club
Centro Comercial Starco, Playa de las Americas

Rags Bar and Club caters for everyone’s idea of a night out. Whether you want to chill out, dance all night long or enjoy a drink, try Rags Bar and Club and enjoy a night to remember.

Sound of Cream Nightclub
Veronicas Strip, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

One of the most popular nightclubs on the island is found in Playa de las Americas and is called Sound of Cream. Dance tracks are played to the early hours of the morning at this club and it has a huge dance floor and outdoor terrace where you can enjoy a drink under the stars. There is also a large screen television on the terrace which makes this club the perfect entertainment area to watch live sporting events.

The Corner Bar
Parque de la Paz, Playa de las Americas

The Corner Bar is opposite Mediterranean Palace and it is a venue where you can chill and listen to the live entertainment and sample British food. Not the wildest nightlife experience but a great venue for a group night out and a laugh.

Tramps Nightclub
CC Starco, Las Americas, Tenerife

Tramps nightclub is located in Las Americas and it has three different lounges: Dance Room, RnB Room and Party Room.

This nightlife venue has been around for over 10 years and it has welcomed international DJs such as Judge Jules and Dave Pearce.

Veronicas Dance Club
Veronicas, Playa de las Americas, Tenerife

Veronicas Dance Club is another popular nightclub located in the centre of Playa de las Americas and it is hosted by some of the top DJs on the island. Have your say at this club by requesting the songs you want to hear and the DJs will be happy to play your request.

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